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Through strategic relationships with highly experienced regional property managers, Midway is an active value-add investor in multifamily housing throughout the Southeast and Texas.

Midway's principals have several decades of experience buying, developing and managing residential real estate. Midway has the knowledge and financial relationships to evaluate and close deals quickly. Its strategic alliances and local operating partners provide skilled human resources enabling us to stabilize and enhance asset performance, increase cash flow for distributions and ultimately add value sufficient to generate favorable capital events. Our principal partner is Hawthorne Residential, based in Greensboro,

North Carolina. Hawthorne, in collaboration with Midway, manages the portfolio. Since 2009, Midway and Hawthorne have purchased or developed 65 properties.

Currently, Midway owns over 14,000 multifamily housing units in stable and growth markets including Asheville, Wilmington, Greensboro, Charlotte and Raleigh, North Carolina; Charleston and Greenville, South Carolina; Houston, Austin and San Antonio, Texas; Birmingham and Huntsville, Alabama; Atlanta, Georgia; and Nashville and Chattanooga, Tennessee. While we continue to pursue opportunities in these markets, we also actively explore acquisitions wherever our resources and relationships give us a competitive advantage.


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    • Jared Eglowsky
      Jared Eglowsky, Director of Acquisitions and co-founder, has been with Midway since its inception. He has previously worked in all aspects of real estate development, finance, and management. He has a B.S. in economics from Tulane University.
    • Maria Gruber
      Maria Gruber, joined Midway as Chief Financial Officer in 2006. Prior to Midway, she was the Comptroller at Katsky Korins LLP. She has a B.B.A. in accounting from Pace University.
    • Roy M. Korins
      Roy M. Korins, is a founding partner of Katsky Korins LLP, a co-founder of Midway, and a principal investor in and a member of the Board of Directors or Board of Managers of several real estate and business ventures. He graduated from Cornell University and The New York University School of Law.
    • Bernard McElhone
      Bernard McElhone, was a founding principal of Merlon Management before co-founding Midway Investors.  He has specialized in project acquisition, development, and financing.  Bernard graduated from Manhattan College.
    • Steve Swiatkiewicz
      Steve Swiatkiewicz, practiced real estate and commercial law at Katsky Korins LLP for 25 years before he became a co-founder of Midway. He is also an investor and member of the Board of Directors of several real estate and business ventures. He graduated from Trinity College, Princeton University and The New York University School of Law.
    • Denise Shirley
      Denise Shirley, joined Merlon in 1984 and has been comptroller of Merlon and then Midway since then. She holds a B.A. from William Smith College in Geneva, New York.
    • Shao-Ling Aubry
      Shao-Ling Aubry, joined Midway in 2012. Prior to Midway, she was the web manager for HedgeFundNews.com and assistant editor for The U.S. Offshore Funds Directory from 2000-2011. She has a BA in Communications and Media from CUNY SPS.

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    Principals and brokers interested in selling property should contact:

    Midway Investors LLC

    270 Lafayette Street – Suite 409

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